America and Americans need the ability to bounce back.

The reality is that all of us need resilience. We are each "warriors" as we battle the trials and tribulations, the body slams of life. We each need the ability to get better and not bitter when the unexplained storms of life assault us, our families and friends, and our very identity. With Resilience God Style, we address how to "build bounce," how to "weather the storm," and how to "bounce back without getting stuck;" applied across the individual, leader, church, and national domains.

Individuals, leaders, and nations ALL need the ability to bounce back.




Racial Discord

Gun Violence


In every way we’re troubled but not crushed, frustrated but not in despair,

 persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

External Threats



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Resilience Stories

From a Major General in the US Army, to the Campaign Chairman for Dr Ben Carson, there isn't much Robert "Bob" Dees hasn't done. Throughout his career, he has maintained focus and integrity while moving and motivating the men and women that surround him. A natural leader, Bob Dees will speak to your audience on a number of topics that will leave them motivated and wanting more for their lives.
“It was the first day of the term, and 16 West Point cadets were filing into their C Hour class in Leadership in Thayer Hall. At 09:50, the instructor called the class to attention, received the attendance report from the section marcher, and told the cadets to take their seats. ‘There’s one interesting thing you should know about me,’ the instructor said, ‘I’m blind. " READ MORE>>
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